Will the new gTLD’s affect the .COM?

With the new gTLD’s making their debut, there are many people divided when they think about what will happen to the .com’s that have always been around. There are basically two general points of view, while there are specific differences of thought, these are what I have come to perceive from the domaining community.

View 1: New gTLD’s will take over. It is simple, with the many different uses and applications the new extensions will have, they will make the value of regular .com’s plummet to the same level of the gTLD’s (obviously after the prices drop to normal).

View 2: .Com’s will continue to be strong. There are some that believe that the .com will drop in price, but will go back up after the initial hype of the new gTLD’s dies down. The .com’s have always been viewed as a better extension, than say .net or .info, but that is only due to people’s perception. By adding more extensions, this could cause the .com to become more rare, making it more valuable based on people’s perceptions, although it can also be a double-edged sword.

As for me, the new gTLD’s simply bring about a change that could offer much more to end-users, as well as to domainers. Allowing them to be more specific in the domain search. There is a certain disadvantage at the start though, as the price for these domains is so high at the start, that only the big companies and wealthy will be able to get the best picks. Either way, we will have to wait until the new gTLD hype is over to start truly seeing how the .com is affected.


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