Types of Domain Inquiries You May Encounter

With the multitude of different domain brokers, sellers, and auctions, there will always be a market where the customer comes to you looking for a domain. It is when, we receive anywhere from one to countless domain inquiries straight to our inbox. These are the good types of inquiries, the ones you did not have to actively seek out, but rather fell on your lap. However, there are always different types of domain inquiries, and from my experience, it is good to know about them before proceeding with negotiation.

1st Type: End-User with Low Budget

This is when a person, or group of people, are trying to make a small start-up happen, or the ones that simply want to get a website going to sell their merchandise. They will pick good names, but they won’t offer much for it, or be able to, as they are not crowd funded or have much capital to begin with. Before replying, look through your domains and check what other, less expensive domains you have that could fit in with their business plan. If they don’t mention anything about their business, ask them first. These can either end quickly, or lead to a good, yet small sale.

2nd Type: Big Time End-User

These are the ones you want to get if you are selling really good premium domains. They tend to have more capital in their pocket to work with, making it easier to negotiate a good price for the more expensive domains. However, I warn you, not all of the inquiries that seem promising will go well. There have been a few inquiries where I know who they are, yet they will still try and low-ball or argue that the domain isn’t worth as much. This is when you need all of your negotiation tactics at hand, and keep a cool head. You could walk away with a big sale.

3rd Type: Resellers and Domainers

These inquiries are when other domainers/resellers want to buy a good name, at a very discounted price. This is obviously with the end goal of either parking it for a bit then reselling, or simply flipping the domain right away. Whenever I spot one of these types of inquiries, I ask what their purpose for the domain is. Many times you know who they are from their answers. An example of this would have to be when you try and sell a domain, but they want to “develop” it for something totally unrelated to the domain name; i.e. I want to create an online dog shop with GoodLayers.com.  I don’t stay too long negotiating.

4th Type: The No-Repliers, a.k.a. Spammers

These are the ones that you see quite often, as you get the same emails from the same person, inquiring about several different domains you own. However, when and IF you do respond, you never get an answer back. I’m a nice guy, so I like to be courteous and respond to most of the inquiries that are sent to me. After a while, you get to know who these spammers are, and simply Delete or Spam their messages.

5th Type: 3rd Parties, Brokers or Development Firms

It is nice to get emails from other brokers inquiring, on behalf of a client, about a certain domain you own. This way, you don’t have to deal directly with the client, and can still keep your negotiation skills sharp. They are much more polite, although you don’t really get to know the client/end-user, so you really don’t know who you are selling it to. Development firms, usually are the ones that never disclose any information about their clients, yet request enormous amounts of information about your domains. You can research these firms to check how legit they are, and mot of the time they are small firms that develop websites for clients (while also acquiring the domain the client wants to develop). These clients can be more serious about purchasing, just like the big end-users, so it is in your best interest to give them a good price.

These are the general 5 types of email inquiries that I deal with on a day to day basis, but there are always surprises.

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