The Team

Mike Whalen (Founder)

Mike Whalen is the founder of GigaDomains, as well as other sites like He started early on in the internet bubble, using some good predictions of his part, he started his venture buying and developing domains. He has worked at this for over 2 decades, where he uses his experience with coding, to build up several profitable websites. He started with over 12,000 domains, where he developed a couple hundred, and has brokered the remainder of the domains. He is a man of many talents.

Michele (Accountant, Writer)

Michele is the finance expert of the team. She handles all of the financial transactions, manages the payments of writers, developers, and many others. She also works as a blogger of sorts, writing up articles for some of the different websites and blogs that are of interest. Michele is great at multitasking, which makes everyone’s lives much easier thanks to her. If you have noticed the new GigaDomains newsletter, you can thank her for it.

Brian (Systems Manager)

Brian has been around since the beginning. He is the go-to man when you need a website or server problem fixed. He is in charge of the domains, as well as the development of the websites. He works side by side with Mike, making sure the developed websites continue to function properly, as well as giving them facelifts as time and trends change. He works behind the scenes to keep everything moving and working properly.

Nathaniel Wittig (Domain Broker, Writer)

Nathaniel, or rather Nate, is a new face at the company. He is a writer for GigaDomains, and wrote many different articles, reviews, and other pieces for the different domains that were developed. He worked at this for 2 years, and from there he gained enough experience to lend GigaDomains a hand with other responsibilities like, managing and brokering domains sales, continued SEO development for the websites, and handling the marketing of the domain site,

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