Selling CHIPs — The Chinese Market

If you’re selling Chinese premium domains (and who isn’t?), you have likely had this happen: You got multiple offers from clamoring buyers who agreed to a price but then suddenly went silent. You couldn’t reach them anymore, and if you did, they changed their minds — or wanted to pay less.

In the western hemisphere the issues can be a little opaque. But Chinese domainers are probably having a difficult time of it.

It seems they’re dealing not only with a volatile demand for these domains in their own country, but the Chinese stock markets, whose ups and downs strongly affect all other economic endeavors. Some buyers speak of a “crash,” and it’s unclear sometimes whether they’re talking directly about the market for these domains and the demand for them, or the general stock exchanges. In fact, when investors treat domains like stocks, the differences become blurred.

The Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) for instance had been climbing all year, then in late summer experienced a series of huge drops/crashes. A recent big drop occurred in early November. A lot of recovery has occurred today and yesterday.

And on, bidding on some domains is again reaching the equivalent of $1,000 USD and more. Business appears to be going back to how it was…

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