About GigaDomains

GigaDomains started its venture in 1998, where its founder, Mike Whalen decided that the internet would be a massive hit. He decided to take it upon himself to start prospecting and looking to the future of domains. From that moment on he started picking up thousands of domains; anywhere from the important .com’s as well as picking up newly released TLD’s, like .net, .us, .org, and many others.

GigaDomains founder and owner is an experienced computer engineer, being able to code in different languages, which has helped him and his team develop many different domains, making profit from these websites. With the increase in value in internet real estate, and since it was impossible to develop thousands of domains on their own, they have also become a large domain brokerage. This way, and for the right price, anyone can get the domain name they want and can develop it into a website to promote their business, blog, or anything else they may want it for.

The team at GigaDomains has been comprised of the three big, (insert their names after permission), and with a newly added face to the team, Nathaniel Wittig. Each has their own strengths that help add value to GigaDomains. Check their profiles out at The Team.

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