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Think Laterally

There was a British TV mystery show called Midsomer Murders with a detective who always told his sergeant, “Think laterally.” And of course his advice was always right, because solving mysteries on TV usually presents villains being inventive and unexpected. He’s telling his detective, Look at other ways something can be accomplished.

So it goes too, if you want a memorable, succinct domain — which of course you do — but can’t come up with the sums that generic and short .com domains command, you can do things a little differently.

You can get around the problems of cost and rarity by looking into domains other than .com.  Explore the other realms of gTLDs: The keywords you need, generics you want, are often there.

I like .ws names although that extension’s promotion hit problems some time back, and it never took off like it should have. Consider how short it is to type, even shorter than .com; and that the biggest registrars support it — there’s no out-of-the-way registry site to deal with. Maybe, for a while, you might remind your site visitors to think of it as if it stood for “website,” for help remembering it — and you’re off and running. Alternate extensions are perfect, I think, for personal interest websites (“vanity” sites) or blogs, as well as mainstream commercial pages.

Our one-word domains portfolio includes generics & first names such as:

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