Brandables, Keywords & Companies

One of the most thoughtful domainers we see these days is Keith deBoer, and when his columns appear on DNGeek I always stop to read them — they’re always good. Yesterday’s post, concerning WealthFront and its list of most-desirable companies,  was extremely relevant and interesting — and the list itself gave me a (nice) surprise, because a name we sold to the present owner is on it: Ipsy.  

The WealthFront list is something I’ll continue to examine. Not only are the company names themselves significant, but the type of business they’re in is vital to keep alongside the names — Meaning matters. These end users represent probably the best (and most lucrative) way the term could be applied.

On the WealthFront list, I noticed that there are some plurals among the names. Mostly they were “networks,” “systems,” “technologies,”  “sales,” “labs,” — which may need to use a plural to indicate the breadth of their work. It would be a small outfit indeed that did lots of research but had only one lab, for instance. However, there is always “language lab” or some other conceptual lab which would prefer to use the singular.

But other strong words such as studio vs. studios — it’s hard to say if the singular is stronger or not without knowing the rest of the domain. Another example might be engine vs. engines.

**Considering our own past sales, along with Keith’s Y Combinator keyword lists, we might compile our own list of best keywords. I notice “ware” is not on his lists. This is probably just coincidental.