Ohz.com — Sedo Auction; Chinese Domain Sales

Anyone wishing to get this super-short domain, OHZ.com, should go bid right now: Sedo.com

There are only 1.5 days left in the Auction!

Due to the ocean swell of Chinese buying of domain names, I think we start regarding these Eastern domainers as superhuman and able to get profits easily. Probably this is myth, if not downright stereotype. Sometimes I am seeing missed opportunities. For instance, this domain name — DNQQ.com — which contains both the DN like in DN.com, the Chinese domain marketplace, and then it ends in QQ, like the IM service I think of as the Chinese Yahoo —

— is for sale at roughly $1,560 USD. https://www.4.cn/search/detail/pid/5989883/ref/10017

That seems like an excellent buy to me; in fact, cheap. However, I’m wondering if it’s as attractive to a buyer in China.

Another observation: If you’re selling a numeric like 115888.com, is it de rigueur to make the price end in “888” also? I see many examples of it. Maybe Rick Schwartz could comment on this. Maybe it’s just good luck to make everything 888 when you can; so why not?